Eric Grosse
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1574 Siesta Dr
Los Altos CA 94024

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I'm interested in many areas of computer science, currently as VP Security & Privacy Engineering at Google, honored to work with a team of 500 passionate and talented people committed to being good stewards of our users' data.

Rather than accept the status quo of crime and espionage (both passive wiretap and active break-in) we have shifted from a "fire code" model of security best practices checklists to a "red team" model of testing against simulated adversaries, focusing on defense, detection, and response:
1. strong privacy-preserving device auth, with decent screen unlock and verified encrypted boot
2. whitelisting of active content, driven by expanded malware reverse engineering
3. pervasive crypto (SSL with CT; PGP)
4. robust apps by design
5. looking through logs for bad actors

In the past I worked on algorithms for numerical approximation, simulation, domain decomposition, floating point, visualization, and networked computing and tried to make the netlib collection a useful aid for scientific computing. Authentication is one of my current topics of interest.

N2VI is my radio callsign, a unique identifier assigned by the FCC.