I believe people should be judged not by certificates, but by their contributions to the world. However, people do ask about affiliations to watch for appearance of conflict of interest or to identify old classmates. Fair enough.

Eric Grosse

affiliations: Semi-retired, I still work on technical things but do not desire an employer or boss---or to be a boss. Mostly I'm working on building radically simpler and more secure systems. From time to time I advise startups like K2 Cyber Security, Stripe, and TerraTrue. I also have time to spend on hobbies like flying my Cessna 182 around the country.

After a transition handing the reigns to my successor and working on upspin, I retired from Google in March 2017 where I had been Vice President at Google, responsible for Security and Privacy Engineering. Obviously I'm biased, but I think Google Security Team is one of the finest groups anywhere. I'm in awe of the things they accomplish. Good thing, too, because we're stewards of data for billions of people and we have very skilled and persistent adversaries.

Before Google, I was technical lead on CloudControl, an internal venture building a security product for defending against unwanted network traffic. Before that, I was head of the Secure Networking Research Department in the Computing Sciences Research Center at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ. I joined Bell Labs straight out of graduate school and was happily there through many company changes. Bell Labs is currently part of Alcatel-Lucent. I retired in April 2007.

professional groups: netlib, IEEE, ACM, SIAM was on Council and Board of Trustees, IFIP WG2.5.

editorial: Netlib/NHSE, SIAM Software Environments and Tools.
miscellaneous review panels for the US government and conferences, NRC Board on Assessment of NIST, panel for IT.
formerly: ACM Trans. Math. Software, IEEE Computational Science & Engineering, Numerical Algorithms, SIAM J Scientific Computing, SIAM News.

graduate school: Stanford University, Computer Science Dept.
PhD 1980, advisors: Gene Golub and Carroll Johnson, visiting from Oak Ridge
NSF fellowship
summers: General Motors Research; Bell Labs; SLAC

undergraduate: Michigan State University, Dept. Mathematics and Honors College, BS 1975
Alumni Distinguished Scholar, National Merit Scholar, PhiBetaKappa
summers: Structural Dynamics Research Corp.; Argonne National Lab

paleolithic era: I grew up in Detroit, South Bend, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. I fondly remember being Earth Day coordinator at Westport High School, Eagle Scout and Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 309, Order of the Arrow, and Class of '71 at Mariemont High School.