Eric N2VI

37d21m10s N, 122d4m31s W 212'
TS-2000 into X200 on roof
Los Altos CA 94024 USA

when all else fails

Not fully set up again after the move from New Jersey to California.

I participate when I can in Los Altos ARES and monitor
(2m call) 146.520
W6ASH 145.270-, 440.800+ 100.0
on El Camino Hospital roof, SPECS Mon 20:00

Other local frequencies to note:
AA6BT 146.115+ 100.0 SVECS Tue 20:00
146.595,145.570 Los Altos ARES
Crystal Peak, K6SNY 443.275+ 107.2
SARES, K6GL 145.170- 94.8 Mon 20:15, Tue 19:45
SCV Section, K6BEN 441.275+ 123.0 Thu 19:30
SCC ARA 10m, 28.385 USB Thu 20:00
K6FB 145.450-, 442.575+ 100.0
NASA 145.585

repeaters,NARCC | |ARRL, SCV section
Red Cross "Safe and Well" list
TS-2000 groups: general, software, mods

* Kenwood TS-2000 into Diamond X200A on the roof
* Kenwood TH-G71 (2m/70cm FM) into duck+counterpoise or 1/4 mag-mount VU-1510 or twin-lead J-pole.
still in boxes after move: 20.1m center-fed doublet in trees at 50ft
* Yaesu FT-2600M (2m FM) into Arrow 146S (4 element Yagi, vertical)
* ICOM 2400A (2m/70cm FM) into Arrow J146/440 on 19ft pole for emergency base.
* ICOM 2410H (2m/70cm FM packet), BuxComm GLK, Thinkpad600E for digital modes; sometimes used as a cross-band repeater for FM voice
* backup HF rigs: ICOM-735 and Yaesu FT-901DM.
* Powered by deep-discharge storage batteries on trickle charge, with Powerpole connectors, or Alinco DM-330MV.
* Feedline is BuryFlex. Diamond MX72N diplexer.

145.750 NPARC
146.520 national FM call
146.700- 141.3 W2PQG Wanaque
146.895- 151.4 WS2Q Morristown
147.030+ no PL W2TW Whippany
147.255+ 141.3 W2LI Murray Hill
162.550 weather
446.000 national FM call
449.175- 141.3 Chatham
449.975- 141.3 W2LI, NJ link The bandplan includes repeater offsets of 600kHz for 2m, 5MHz for 70cm. nets and meetings
Sun 21:00 147.030 NPARC
Mon 19:15 146.895 Red Cross N2ARC
1st Mon 19:30 Westfield Y, Scotch Plains
2nd Mon 19:30 Salt Brook School
3rd Mon 19:30 Will Grove Presby, Martine+Raritan
4th Mon 19:30 Salt Brook School
all 19:30 146.895 NJ VN Early
all 22:00 449.975 UCTN
all 22:30 146.700 NJ VN Late

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