Eric Grosse

1574 Siesta Dr
Los Altos CA 94024

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I recently retired as Google's VP Security & Privacy Engineering, after almost ten wonderful years working with a team of passionate and talented people committed to being good stewards of our users' data. There is a conference keynote that reflects on some of that experience.

We refused to accept the status quo of crime and espionage and helped move industry best practices from a "fire code" model of checklists to a "red team" model of testing against adversaries, focusing on defense, detection, and response:
1. FIDO U2F Security Key authentication,
2. whitelisting of active content, driven by malware reverse engineering
3. pervasive crypto (SSL with Certificate Transparency; e2email and Upspin)
4. robust apps by design
5. looking through logs for bad actors

But life is short and I wanted to spend more of it with Brenda, exploring our country by air. For my public service component, I'll be submitting patches upstream to harden open source systems.

Earlier as a Bell Labs Fellow, I worked on algorithms for numerical approximation, simulation, domain decomposition, floating point, visualization, and networked computing and tried to make the netlib collection a useful aid for scientific computing.

N2VI is my radio callsign, a unique id assigned by the FCC.